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Behind the Wheel Truck Driver Training (VIDEO)

Behind the Wheel Truck Driver Training (VIDEO) Considering pursuing your CDL and taking to the road in a rig of your own? Cape Fear Community College has posted a video from their truck driver training school to give you a look behind the wheel to  experience what it would be like with a truck of your own! The video features an introduction to the various vehicles you’ll need to know, and how well you need to know them. You’ll spend two weeks in a classroom, and five weeks on the range for hands-on practice with an instructor. Beneath the hood, from front to back, a reputable CDL program will prepare you not only for the mechanical side of the job, but the logistical and legal requirements of being a full-time driver too. There are regulations that vary by state to be aware of, and safety protocols to follow carefully. Beware of any program that seems to take the coursework less seriously or promises to move you through it any faster!

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Self-Driving Trucks Who’s in the Driver’s Seat

Self-Driving Trucks Who’s in the Driver’s Seat It’s a trucker’s worst nightmare- trucks that drive themselves! Getting nervous? Step on the brakes- although there may be a future where all trucks drive themselves and truckers aren’t needed, that future is not quite here yet. cuts through the noise and media hype, and sheds some light on the nation’s first self-driving truck, which has just hit the highway. Inspiration, the futuristic new truck imagined by Daimler Trucks North America, is a technological marvel, but it’s not quite ready to face the open road without a capable, qualified trucker in the cab. It has earned a Level 3 (Limited Self-Driving Automation) rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which means that a certified driver must be behind the wheel at all times, even on stretches where it’s legally allowed to assume control of all safety-critical functions. In the event of an emergency, a human driver must be ready to assume control. T herefore, he or she must be road-ready at all times the vehicle is in operation!18What does this mean? Inspiration can only take control during clear, daytime driving on highways. In fact, it has built-in sensors that prevent it from going into auto-pilot mode during sub-optimal conditions- a neat built-in safety feature!So, should you be afraid that the era of the truck driver is rapidly coming to an end? Not anytime soon! Drivers will play an essential role in the shipping and hauling industry for the foreseeable future. Even if truckers were needed less behind the wheel, there are a wealth of other tasks they will be needed to perform, from loading and unloading freight to key administrative tasks, maintenance work, and more. Bottom line: spend less time worrying and more time being the best truck driver you can be!The Nation’s First Self-Driving Truck: Everything You Need To KnowRead More at

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As far as the critical analysis, I want you to choose an article that Assignment

As far as the critical analysis, I want you to choose an article that addresses issues families or individuals in rural communities face in regards to healthcare - Assignment Example One thinks that the author used appropriate sources of information. The policies and programs of the government mentioned in the article are relevant in the topic being discussed. The government programs that are cited give value to the ideas communicated by the author. The arguments presented are adequately supported by studies and literatures in the field of interest. Table 1 which outlined the reasons for choosing rural nursing practice and Table 2 which showed the challenges associated with rural nursing practice were helpful in driving the message that the author wishes to convey. It gives a clear picture of the state of nurses in rural communities. I find the article very meaningful because it gives me a clearer understanding about the difficulties faced by rural nurses as opposed those working in the urban areas. It made me sympathize with them regarding the challenges that they face, yet still choosing to have a career in rural areas, when they in fact have a choice. I also feel that the government must do their part in supporting these rural practitioners. Although private institutions can help through educational support for nurses, I believe that a greater part of the funding should come from the government. Rural nurses contribute a lot to the healthcare services of rural areas, especially in the absence of physicians. If the government cannot support them, the rural areas will not have access to quality healthcare service. Government should think of incentives for rural nurses so that our country can expect an increase in their number. Government should coordinate with the regional medical directors and the rural nurses themselves and conduct a needs assessment in rural areas to determine the training and professional skills needed by the nurses serving in the remote areas. Medical educational institutions must also be supportive in this area. This article has enlightened me

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M- Assignment for Action Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

M- for Action Research - Assignment Example This is the same reasoning that can be applied in this case, It makes sense that data summaries can act as prompts for people to better retrieve in their minds and from the data what is valuable and useful about the data set. The text gives us a few guiding questions to be able to perform this exercise of data summaries creation properly, and to good and useful effect. One set of questions has to do with the context of the data collection. What is the reason and context for collecting the data? What is the rationale for the place and for the method of collecting data? Another set of questions relate to the data's importance. Why is the data important and what are the surprising aspects of the data? The third question set relates to the issues that the data impacts most. What new viewpoints, ideas and questions does the data spawn? What does the data say or not say about future courses of action, next steps, and future analyses to be made regarding the data? The idea is that in answer ing these questions, a person or group accessing the data in the future will be able to make sense of the data, which would not otherwise be possible if the data is just left hanging without these qualifying summaries. The summaries are useful in the current sense too, for me and my data collection exercise (Data Analysis, n.d., p. 168). II. Why I Chose M32 I chose this technique precisely for the way the summaries provide me with the context for my data collection, especially when I have to retrieve the data at some future time. It is human nature to forget sometimes the context and the reasons for collecting things in everyday life and even in the academic life. The artifacts of my teaching, for instance, can readily be buried by my daily cares, and just by the sheer volume of new inputs that I have to attend to in my daily life and in my daily experiences as a teacher. The summaries are a way for me to very easily catalog and to make sense of the data that I collect. This is simi lar to creating folders and folder labels for things like pictures, before they are stowed away in the filing cabinets, or in the picture galleries on Facebook for instance. The summaries provide me with likewise my understanding of the data in some way, and by creating the summaries just after I am able to finish the data collection, I am able to offer my fresh take and a fresh snapshot of the understanding of the data, the reason for the data collection exercise, the outstanding and surprising data points and analyses, and any other special circumstances that can guide me when recollecting about the process and the nature of the data later on. Hopefully, when the summaries are done right, with care to answer all of the guide questions that have been discussed in the text, the future analyses and uses of the data will likewise be done very well, lending themselves to distilling new insights, and lending themselves and the data to be used in the proper way. The context of the data c ollection, for instance, can inform future analyses and research about the right way to analyze and to make use of the data, and the limitations of the data collected by way of the limits of the data's applicability and the limits of the analyses that can be undertaken with the data as well (Data Analysis, n.d.. p. 168). III. How I Used M32 My primary mode of data collection is my daily interactions with my class

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Fair-value accounting change Essay Example for Free

Fair-value accounting change Essay The role played by the financial market in determining the levels of performance that can be recorded by the economy is not in doubt.   The 2008 economic crisis is a vivid reminder to all policy makers and even governments to ensure that issues that affect the economy are objectively addressed. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) which is a key player in the financial sector appears to be oblivious of its role in the economy and has once again used its mandate to develop a standard that is not relevant to business let alone accounting.    The move to adopt the mark-to-market accounting standard is a dark mark in American accounting history that may in fact lead to poor practices within the financial systems that have proven to be potent to the economy. It took America nearly 15 years to develop its constitutions; strategic management specialist have time and again pointed to the close relationship that exists between rapid change and failure and the FASB has for years taken months in seeking suggestions and deliberating upon them before making any proclamation that may affect the nature of the business environment[1].     All these are events or standards that the business world and America as a whole has come to accepted as being reflective of factors that affect the business environment. The speed with which the mark-market standards moved from proposal to being a standard brings about questions on objectivity[2].   A look at the last two times that America has found itself in crisis it has been the financial systems that duped to investors by inflating their performance or potential.   It is unlikely that such a hurried process which eliminates systems that have protected American investors will be of any good. FASBs modification of its rules is often waited upon with anticipation by all players in the business world.   The change in the fair value rules or standards is the main area of controversy in FASBs changes.   While the banking and financial institutions have praised the move as an effort to reduce the negative effect that previous standards had on developing a clear picture of their performance[3], investors are worried stiff on the effect that it will have on disclosures by banking and financial institutions that are traditionally known for overvaluing their assets and even performance. The fair value accounting rules had been blamed by a number of financial institutions that are notably under pressure from the 2008 economic crisis for being irrelevant to inactive markets. The mark-to-market accounting system that has been presented by FASB allows companies to use their judgment to gauge prices of some investments and backed securities.   Analysts were quick to note that the measures could in fact impact on the net income and affect bank write downs.   Pro mark-to-market standard institutions have hailed the changes with statements like the mortgage and market was not working and something had to change.   This is reflective of the true objective behind the move.   Investors who have been defrauded by American institutions in a number of occasions are wary of the changes that place them in a position where they are susceptible to exploitation by the financial community. The integrity of a development is largely dependent on the process that culminated in its existence.   Under this consideration, investors are innocent of unnecessary suspicion developed from poor past experiences.   The series of event that culminated into the existence of the mark-to-market standard is a reflection of the negative effect that the congress can have on effective decision making.   In his presentation on March 12th the chair of FASB did not mince his words in pointing out the faults that are inherent of the mark-to-market standards that the financial community was pushing for. The definition presented by Herz which should be presumed of FASBs definition of fair value is that it is the worth of an asset being exchanged between two informed parties[4].   In ending his statement the chair stated that America is in a challenging time that requires improvements in nearly all sectors and by trying to suppress financial information offered to investors there is little that will have been done to change the conditions.   His statement is a pointer to the misinformed objective that the change may affect the position that America currently is in and the existence of fair value system within financial practices. Whatever happened between 12th March and April 2nd is best left to Americans imagination.   The congress pressure has especially been cited by the media and being central to the changes that FASB made in fair accounting standards.   The same rule which had been dimmed lacking in objectivity became relevant to the American dilemma in a space of three weeks.   The hurried implementation of the change is the unspoken variables that belie its objectives. A pro derived from the development is the awareness that America is in a desperate position which needs to be addressed with immediate effect.   Moreover, the negative effect that bad performance within financial institutions had on the stock market may soon be historical events as financial agencies have been given a leeway to confuse investors and hide poor performance.   Profits that have not been evidenced since the likes of Enron went down may soon be usual and the same can be said of the pain that investors underwent in the turn of the century. The cons are clear especially sidelining of the effects that the operational environment has on operations.   The development allows for businesses to operate in a manner suggestive of independence from the operational environment while investors who may be aware of the prevailing environment are subjected to these daydreams.   The results may be increased wrangles within management boards, unethical practices within financial institutions and reduced confidence on financial disclosures which goes against their objectives. If any one thought that the FASB is perturbed by the controversies surrounding the development then they are in for a big surprise.   The FASB has practically done nothing and has sat back with some postulating that the next step they take may involve providing organizations with an environment where they can alter the value of all their assets at will. The standards used by investors and   financial players under the environment developed by the mark-to-market standards is non-uniform and may lead to a number of upheavals and even miscommunication that negatively affect value generation. It is evident from Herz’s speech on March 12th that the mark-to-market standard is a non-objective measure to curb the effects of the 2008 crisis.   The pressure placed on the FASB by the congress whose affiliation to financial heavyweight is not a mystery is central to the change.   This is not the first time such a development is being recorded for the French President played a pivotal role in some controversial changes made by the GAAP[5]. Investors should only worry for the short term for such subjective developments have historically proven to be uneventful.   It is only a matter of time before the follies in the mark-to-market standard that are actually known to all parties in the business fraternity manifests in the practical environment with dire results.   Changes that are appreciative of the operational environment will then be the only way out.

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Essay --

Joe Reschke 8E #19 December 9, 2013 Research Paper There are about 3-4 million shipwrecks in the world. The shipwrecks are mostly spread in the Great Lakes and in the Oceans. Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum estimates that about 6,000 ships are wrecked on the bottom of the Great Lakes. The United Nations estimates about 3 million shipwrecks on the ocean floor. The great lakes, which can be seen from space, are the largest freshwater system in the world. The lakes are home to 3,500 species of plants and animals, 170 fish species, they contain 21% of the worlds freshwater, and they cover 95,160 square miles. They are home to about 6,000 shipwrecks. - Graph By: David Swayne of Great Lakes This Graph represents the distribution of shipwrecks over various lakes. It show us that most shipwrecks that happen in lakes happen in the great lakes. The first ship (not including canoes) to ever travel on the Great Lakes, The Griffon, was shipwrecked. It was wrecked in a violent storm on Lake Huron. The ocean covers 70% of the Earth’s surface. The largest ocean on Earth is the Pacific Ocean. It covers around 30% of the Earth’s surface, and the Pacific Ocean contains around 25,000 different islands, many more than are found in Earth’s other oceans and, there are about 350 shark species in all of the oceans. Have you ever seen a shipwreck and wondered how it sunk or just wondered how ships sink in general? There are many reasons why boats sink. Ships are made to be on top of the water so when a wave brings water on top of the boat it will most likely cause it to sink. One of the most common ways for a boat to sink is when a boat finds itself in a massive storm and it gets engulfed with waves making water come on the b... ...while at Pearl Harbor. Her bow was severed and wrecked her command room. The main part of the ship and stern were still intact. The Shaw was temporarily repaired and returned to battle in The Battle of Santa Cruz Islands. The ship wrecked once again in January 1943. It ran aground near New Caledonia and this time returned for major repairs. After it was â€Å"Reschke 7† repaired again it was sent back to the warzone in October or 1943. It wasn’t done wrecking yet. In December 1943, The U.S.S. Shaw was hit with an air attack near Cape Gloucester. It once again had to go back for major repairs. Following those repairs The Shaw participated in the Invasion Of Guam. Subsequent to that in October 1944- 1945 it escorted pacific convoys to liberate Luzon and other parts of the Philippines. When the Pacific War ended the Shaw was scrapped. â€Å"Reschke 8†

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Functions of Mass Communication

Wright (1960) characterizes seven functions of mass communication that offer insight into its role in our lives. * Surveillance. The first function of mass communication is to serve as the eyes and ears for those of us seeking information about our world. When we want to find out the latest news about what’s happening, we can turn on the television, surf the internet, or read a newspaper or magazine. We rely on mass communication for news and information about our daily lives such as the weather, stock reports, or the start time for a game. What was one of the first things you did after you heard about the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center? More than likely, you were glued to the Internet or your television waiting for details about the disaster. In fact, your authors’ campus closed down to allow people to stay at home to collect information and be with loved ones, even though our campus is located on the other side of the country. * Correlation. Correlation addresses how the media present facts that we use to move through the world. The information we get through mass communication is not objective and without bias. The grandmother of a friend of your authors stated that the information she heard on the radio, â€Å"had to be true† because it was on the radio. This statement begs the question, how credible are the media? Can we consume media without questioning motive and agenda? Someone selects, arranges, interprets, edits, and critiques the information we see. A friend of your authors’ has a brother who edits for a major reality TV show. When asked if what we see if a fair representation of what really happens, the person who does the editing simply laughed and said â€Å"no. † * Sensationalization. There is an old saying in the news industry-â€Å"if it bleeds, it leads† that highlights the idea of sensationalization. Sensationalization is when the media puts forward the most sensational messages to titillate consumers. Elliot poses some interesting food for thought: â€Å"Media managers think in terms of consumers rather than citizens. Good journalism sells, but unfortunately, bad journalism sells as well. And, bad journalism-stories that simply repeat government claims or that reinforce what the public wants to hear instead of offering independent reporting -is cheaper and easier to produce† (2004, . 35). * Entertainment. Mass media provide us with an escape from daily routines and problems by entertaining us (Zillmann & Bryant, 1986, p. 303). Media like People Magazine and E-TV keep us up to date on the doings of our favorite celebrities. We watch sports on television, go to the movies, play video games, and listen to our ipods and radios. Most mass communication simultaneously entertains and informs. We often turn to media in our leisure time to provide an escape from our boredom and relief from the predictability of our everyday lives. We rely on media to take us places we could not afford to go or imagine, acquaint us with bits of culture, and make us laugh or cry. Entertainment can have the secondary effect of providing companionship and/or catharsis through the media we consume. * Transmission. Mass media is a vehicle to transmit cultural norms, values, rules, and habits. Consider how you learned about what is fashionable to wear or what music to listen to. Mass media plays a significant role in the socialization process. We look for role models to display appropriate cultural norms, but all too often, we do not recognize inappropriate or stereotypical behavior. We start shopping, dressing, smelling, walking, and talking like the person in the music video, commercial, or movies. Why would soft drink companies pay Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey millions of dollars to sell their products? Have you ever bought a pair of shoes or changed your hairstyle because of something you encountered in the media? Obviously, culture, age, type of media, and other cultural variables factor into how mass communication influences how we learn and perceive our culture. * Mobilization. Mass communication functions to mobilize people during times of crisis (McQuail, 1994). Think back to 9/11. Regardless of your political preferences, we mourned as a nation and rallied around national pride and patriotism during this time of crisis. Using our earlier example, your authors’ campus decided to suspend classes to allow the campus community time to mourn the loss of fellow citizens. With instant access to media and information, we can collectively witness the same events taking place in real time somewhere else, thus mobilizing a large population of people around a particular event. The rising popularity of political websites such as moveon. rg is another key example of the use of mass communication to mobilize people for political action. * Validation. Mass communication functions to validate the status and norms of particular individuals, movements, organizations, or products. The validation of particular people or groups serves to enforce social norms (Lazarsfeld & Merton, 1971). If you think about most television dramas and sitcoms, who are the primary characters? What gender and ethnicity are the majority of the stars? What gender and ethnicity are those that play criminals or those considered abnormal? The media validates particular cultural norms while diminishing differences and variations from those norms. A great deal of criticism focuses on how certain groups are promoted, and others marginalized by how they are portrayed in mass media. Given the power of the various functions of mass communication, we need to be reflective about its presence in our lives (McLuhan & Fiore, 1967). We will now turn our attention to the study of mass communication by looking at what mass communication scholars study, and how they study it.

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Nurse in Vietnam Essay

Today, we have lost a legacy. Malcolm X was one of the greatest and most influential African Americans the world has ever known. He did so much to make us feel connected with our African American heritage. He would say the things we were thinking but were too afraid to say ourselves. He taught us to stand up for ourselves and our rights as black men. Who knew that a troubled young boy would become a powerful and educated leader? As a young troubled maker doing prison time, it was during his ten years in prison that he educated himself as well as introducing himself to the Nation of Islam teachings. After serving a couple of prison stints he even became a minister of numerous temples in Boston, Philadelphia and New York. He also started a newspaper titled â€Å"Muhammad Speaks† which touched on controversial views about his idea that blacks were superior. He became second in command to Elijah Muhammad but they butted heads and ended up going their own ways. Elijah stuck to his ideas of Nation of Islam, while Malcolm X focused on what true Islam taught. He felt that the Civil Rights Movement had the Blacks begging the whites for freedom, and he was not a fan of begging. He instead advocated black power and black consciousness even if it resulted in violence. He had several speeches, including â€Å"Black Man’s History,† â€Å"The Black Revolution,† and â€Å"Gods Judgment of White America† ( also known as â€Å" The chicken Come Home to Roost). These speeches he gave during the Nation of Islam. When he was transitioning to true Islam he gave â€Å"The Ballot or the Bullet.† After his transition to True Islam he gave a speech at Ford Auditorium. Today at 3:10 PM we were gathered at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem to which him address the Organization of Afro-American Unity when three of Elijah  Muhammad’s follower brutally killed Malcolm X. They shot him 15 times at point blank range. He was pronounced dead on the arrival at Columbia Presbylerian Hospital shortly thereafter. He was 39 years old. The three men convicted of the assassination of Malcolm X were members of the National of Islam: Talmandge Hayer, Norm 3X Butler, and Thomas 15X Johnson. After Malcolm X’s death in 1965, his bestselling book The Autobiography of Malcolm X popularized his ideas, particularly among black youth, and laid the foundation for the Black Power Movement of the late 1960’s and 1970’s. References Malcolm X By Walter Bell

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Enargia Definition and Examples in Rhetoric

Enargia Definition and Examples in Rhetoric An enargia is a  rhetorical term for a visually powerful description that vividly recreates something or someone in words. According to Richard Lanham, the broader term energia (energetic expression) came early to overlap with enargia. . . . Perhaps it would make sense to use enargia as the basic umbrella term for the various special terms for vigorous ocular demonstration, and energia as a more general term for vigor and verve, of whatever sort, in expression. (A Handlist of Rhetorical Terms, 1991). Example from  The Building in the Text George Puttenham [in The Arte of English Poesie] explains enargia as the glorious luster and light uniting the outward shew and the inward working of figurative language..., whereas Torquanto Tasso [in Discourses on the Art of Poetry] emphasizes the visibility implied by enargia.(Roy T. Eriksen, The Building in the Text. Penn State Press, 2001) Iagos Enargia in Shakespeares Othello What shall I say? Wheres satisfaction?It is impossible you should see this,Were they as prime as goats, as hot as monkeys,As salt as wolves in pride, and fools as grossAs ignorance made drunk. But yet, I say,If imputation and strong circumstances,Which lead directly to the door of truth,Will give you satisfaction, you may havet. . . .I do not like the office:But, sith I am enterd in this cause so far,Prickd tot by foolish honesty and love,I will go on. I lay with Cassio lately;And, being troubled with a raging tooth,I could not sleep.There are a kind of men so loose of soul,That in their sleeps will mutter their affairs:One of this kind is Cassio:In sleep I heard him say Sweet Desdemona,Let us be wary, let us hide our loves;And then, sir, would he gripe and wring my hand,Cry O sweet creature! and then kiss me hard,As if he pluckd up kisses by the rootsThat grew upon my lips: then laid his legOver my thigh, and sighd, and kissd; and thenCried Cursed fate that gave thee to the Moor!(Ia go in Act 3, scene 3 of Othello by William Shakespeare)When [Othello] threatens to turn his fury against Iago, as he spasmodically doubts his own torrents of doubt, Iago now lets loose upon the audience Shakespeares best rhetoric of enargia, in bringing the particulars of infidelity before Othellos, and thus the audiences, very eyes, first obliquely, then finally by his lie that implicates Desdemona in the lascivious movements and treacherous mutterings attributed to Cassio in his sleep.(Kenneth Burke, Othello: An Essay to Illustrate a Method. Essays Toward a Symbolic of Motives, 1950-1955, ed. by William H. Rueckert. Parlor Press, 2007) John Updikes Description In our kitchen, he would bolt his orange juice (squeezed on one of those ribbed glass sombreros and then poured off through a strainer) and grab a bite of toast (the toaster a simple tin box, a kind of little hut with slit and slanted sides, that rested over a gas burner and browned one side of the bread, in stripes, at a time), and then he would dash, so hurriedly that his necktie flew back over his shoulder, down through our yard, past the grapevines hung with buzzing Japanese-beetle traps, to the yellow brick building, with its tall smokestack and wide playing fields, where he taught.(John Updike, My Father on the Verge of Disgrace. Licks of Love: Short Stories and a Sequel, 2000) Gretel Ehrlichs Description Mornings, a transparent pane of ice lies over the meltwater. I peer through and see some kind of waterbug-perhaps a leech-paddling like a sea turtle between green ladders of lakeweed. Cattails and sweetgrass from the previous summer are bone dry, marked with black mold spots, and bend like elbows into the ice. They are swords that cut away the hard tenancy of winter. At the wide end a mat of dead waterplants has rolled back into a thick, impregnable breakwater. Near it, bubbles trapped under the ice are lenses focused straight up to catch the coming season.(Gretel Ehrlich, Spring. Antaeus, 1986) Etymology:From the Greek, visible, palpable, manifest Pronunciation: en-AR-gee-a Also Known As: enargeia, evidentia, hypotyposis, diatyposis

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Cmo tramitar excelente visa TN para mexicanos

Cmo tramitar excelente visa TN para mexicanos La tramitacià ³n de la visa TN para profesionales mexicanos para trabajar en Estados Unidos, al amparo del Tratado de Libre Comercio (NAFTA) es una gran oportunidad para obtener una visa de trabajo. Esta visa TN solo aplica a nacionales mexicanos y canadienses, si bien la tramitacià ³n es ms asequible y fcil para estos à ºltimos. Y eso es asà ­ porque los mexicanos deben seguir ms pasos y su cuota por aplicar por la visa es ms cara que la que deben abonar los canadienses.  ¿Pueden aplicar todos los mexicanos por una visa TN para trabajar en Estados Unidos? La respuesta es un rotundo no.  Esta visa TN es una opcià ³n muy buena pero para calificar para  solicitarla es imprescindible cumplir con los siguientes requisitos: En primer lugar, estar en situacià ³n de acreditar que se es un profesionalista incluido en una de  estas 60 profesiones listadas en el TLC .En otras palabras, si no se trabaja en una de esas actividades, esta visa no es la correcta y si se solicita ser denegada. En segundo lugar, es imprescindible tener una oferta laboral de una empresa de los Estados Unidos. Es decir, primero viene la oferta seria y en firme y luego se solicita la visa la visa TN. Este punto tambià ©n quiere decir que no es posible el auto empleo. Es decir, no se puede solicitar la visa con la intencià ³n de trabajar como freelance en Estados Unidos para una o varias empresas o con la de crear una empresa. Los mexicanos que no cumplen con esos requisitos y que desean trabajar en Estados Unidos deberà ­an informarse si pueden aplicar por otras opciones de visa, como la H-1B para profesionales, la O para personas con habilidades extraordinarias, la L para los casos de transfer entre empresas internacionales, las J-1 de intercambio o las H-2A y H-2B para trabajos temporales agrà ­colas y en otros rubros. Cà ³mo tramitar la visa TN para mexicanos Una vez que se tiene la oferta de trabajo por parte de una empresa en Estados Unidos, el primer paso en completar la forma DS-160 en internet, pagar los aranceles correspondientes,  y solicitar una cita en una oficina consular o en la Embajada para la entrevista.   Para presentarse en la misma hay que llevar, entre otros documentos, la siguiente documentacià ³n: En primer lugar, el pasaporte mexicano vlido por al menos seis meses ms all del fin de la estancia prevista en Estados Unidos. En segundo lugar, la  carta de empleo en la que se detalla que la posicià ³n ofertada necesita ser cubierta por una persona que cumple los requisitos seà ±alados en NAFTA. Adems, deber incluir informacià ³n detallada sobre la actividad profesional a realizar en EEUU, la duracià ³n prevista del contrato, cul serà ­a la compensacià ³n econà ³mica, evidencia de que se cumple con los requisitos fijados por el Departamento de Seguridad Interna (DHS, siglas en inglà ©s) y el estado en el que se va a ir a trabajar. La carta no necesita ir acompaà ±ada por prueba de que el solicitante tiene las licencias profesionales necesarias para trabajar en EEUU para ciertos tipos de empleos, ya que tales certificaciones se pueden conseguir a posteriori. Sin embargo, es altamente recomendable que si ya se cuenta con ellas, presentarlas en ese momento. Esta carta es una parte fundamental para que se conceda la visa, por lo que es muy frecuente recurrir a un abogado con conocimientos sobre estas visas para que se ocupe de su redaccià ³n. Finalmente, se debe aportar prueba que demuestre  que se cumplen con los requisitos de estudios o de experiencia laboral que pide NAFTA para este tipo de visas. Este es un requisito importante ya que el oficial consular quiere asegurarse de que los estudios completados en un paà ­s que no es Estados Unidos reà ºnen los requisitos de calidad que se piden para la visa TN, por los que ser necesario validarlos en una agencia reputada. La visa ser denegada si no se cumplen las condiciones que se pide para la visa o si el solicitante es considerado como inelegible para una visa no inmigrante, como es à ©sta, o si es inadmisible para ingresar a los Estados unidos. Familiares del solicitante de una visa TN El cà ³nyuge (marido o mujer) y los hijos solteros menores de 21 aà ±os pueden solicitar una visa derivada para acompaà ±ar al titular de un visado TN a Estados Unidos. No es necesario que los familiares sean de nacionalidad mexicana. Y hay que tener en cuenta que aunque pueden vivir y estudiar en Estados Unidos no estn autorizados para trabajar. Tiempo de duracià ³n de una visa TN para mexicanos En principio las visas son vlidas por un mximo de tres aà ±os, pero esto lo hay que entender.  Es decir, hay que mirar el tiempo mximo que concede el oficial migratorio en el puerto de entrada y seguir cumpliendo todos los requisitos que dieron lugar a que se aprobara la visa. Adems, se puede pedir una extensià ³n de dos formas: que el empleador americano la solicite al USCIS rellenando el formulario I-129   o que el propio titular la solicite en un puerto de entrada cumplimentando esa misma forma y proporcionando la misma documentacià ³n que tuvo que mostrar en el consulado la primera vez que solicità ³ la visa y le fue concedida. En el caso de familiares con visa derivada como es el caso del cà ³nyuge o de los hijos solteros menores de 21 aà ±os, la extensià ³n se pide con el formulario I-539 si estn en los Estados Unidos o aplicando de nuevo en un consulado, si estn fuera. Visas TN y enfermeras Estados Unidos tiene un dà ©ficit de profesionales sanitarios y, en particular, de enfermeras. Por ello, son frecuentes los contratos a profesionales extranjeros. De hecho, hay  agencias que se dedican a reclutar enfermeras, muchas de ellas mexicanas a travà ©s de la visa TN.   Lo importante es asegurarse de que se trata de una agencia reputada y evitar ser và ­ctima de un caso de fraude.

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Biodiversity at Shedd Aquarium Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Biodiversity at Shedd Aquarium - Research Paper Example The Shedd Aquarium is one of the places where biodiversity preservation is taking place with multiple marine and freshwater species co-existing together, as witnessed during a visit to the place. This paper will discuss the benefits of conserving biodiversity and describe one of the species conserved at the Shedd Aquarium. Definition of Biodiversity As mentioned in the introductory section, the term biodiversity refers to the complex co-existence of different species in different ecosystems. Its usage in describing different habitats describes the number, variation, and variability (Dahiya 45). Genetic diversity is one of the critical aspect under the umbrella of the term biodiversity. Many biologists use the phrase genetic diversity to refer to the genetic variations between organisms. Through genetic research, scientists have described numerous genetic differences even between organisms within the same species. The second aspect entailed in this description is species diversity, a term that denotes the presence of over a million species described so far. The third aspect encompassed in the term biodiversity is ecosystem diversity. This aspect attempts to describe the differences that exist between different habitats and communities. ... The conservation efforts of the Shedd Aquarium have served to protect the lake water and the surrounding basins, efforts that have also preserved the animals living in these habitats. It is worth mentioning that preserving the great lakes is an effort of preserving the extra great lake lost annually. Evidently, the conservation of the biodiversity in the great lakes has ensured fish preservation, ensuring a level of food security. Pollution had been killing the bacteria that contribute critically to the food chains that ensure that fish have a source of food. Crustaceans and larvae that serve as bottom feeders in the lakes often absorb chemicals directed into the river. When fish eat these bottom feeders, they take in the chemicals as well. Eventually, humans absorb these chemicals from the fish. Evidently, the cycle that takes place in great lakes shows the close relationship between organisms at different levels. Conservation of the diversity ensures that both higher species and lo wer do not face detrimental effects that could lead to their reduction. Human beings benefit immensely from the great lake conservation efforts because of the access to clean drinking water, fish serving as healthy protein supply, and a green environment on the basins. The wetland areas surrounding the lakes serve to prevent floods because of the vegetation. Moreover, the conservation effort of the great lake biodiversity has ensured that there is minimal invasion of foreign species into water that threaten the survival of the native species. According to the staff at the Aquarium, the great lakes are among the highly disturbed habitats in the globe, justifying why they have focused on the conservation of

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Supply chain management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 3

Supply chain management - Essay Example To achieve this objective, there is a need of an organization to have an efficient supply chain that will make it possible for the organization to supply their products without passing on the extra costs of supply to their customers. In achieving this objective, the organization under consideration will manage to obtain a competitive advantage over its competitors. However, this is not the case, and it is because there are a variety of factors that determine the supply chain of a product. Some of these factors are beyond the control of business organizations (Lee and Lee, 2007). This is because they are influenced by the environmental conditions. This research paper is an examination of the global supply chain of coffee. It is important to denote that coffee is an important product, that is traded worldwide, and the balance of trade in regard to coffee production and manufacturing, is in favor of the developed countries, as opposed to the developing countries (Lindgreen and Maon, 2013). Coffee is one of the major sources of revenue for less developed countries, and it is always grown on large scale, for purposes of exportation. On this basis, coffee is a very valuable crop in less developed countries, since it is a source of livelihood. In analyzing the global supply chain of coffee, this paper will identify the power in which different actors in this supply chain hold in the market. It is important to denote that most production of coffee emanates from the third world countries, while the manufacturers of this coffee, popularly referred to as roasters are found in the first world countries. Global trade in coffee has been made possible because of the international liberalization of trade. Liberalization of trade involves reducing international barriers to trade in services and goods (Sherer, 2005). This principle is based on the concept that a market works better and most efficiently when competition existing in it, is less regulated. It is important to